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Auto Finesse - Satin Gel Tyre Dressing (500ml)

Auto Finesse - Satin Gel Tyre Dressing (500ml)

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Sometimes products slowly evolve over time, but with Satin tyre dressing, we decided to do something new, and it’s a massive advancement over our first tyre dressing Gloss. Auto Finesse Satin tyre gel promises almost universal appeal. The latest breed of high-tech, water-based dressings, Satin is capable of creating virtually any gloss level you desire. From a clean, natural satin-matte, to a super wet high-gloss shine, Auto Finesse Satin adapts to suit your own unique style. From the rarest vintage car, to your favourite urban runabout, Satin is the one tyre dressing that you cannot be without.

Like all Auto Finesse car care products, Satin is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers, but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first time detailers as well. Satin was designed from the outset to be highly layer-able, which allows for an almost infinite range of gloss levels to be easily created. Satin’s water-based formula is also packed with UV-Inhibitors, which help to condition the sidewalls of your tyres, and prevent them from cracking over time. At Auto Finesse, we don’t believe that a dressing should just enhance your tyres, but actually care for them as well.

Everyone has their own opinions about how glossy tyres should be, and the subject of tyre dressing (or ‘Tire Dressing’, if you’re in the USA) is hotly debated. Even in the Auto Finesse detailing studio, we like to vary the gloss levels depending upon what kind of car we are working on. On classics and museum cars, we like to use a subtle satin-matte finish so as to maintain a period look. For modern vehicles, we tend to prefer something a little glossier in order to blend in with current styling trends. This versatility, along side our signature ease of use and performance, is one of Satin’s greatest strengths.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or are fresh to the detailing scene, dressing tyres can often be a frustrating experience. Normal tyre dressings are typically messy liquids, which can splatter across your paintwork, and rarely last very long. Auto Finesse Satin’s high-performance water-based formula is a breath of fresh air with its easy to use gel consistency, and splatter-free finish that is dry to the touch. Its versatility also eliminates the need for multiple dressings, which helps to save space in your detailing kit-bag. Auto Finesse Satin helps to make dressing tyres an enjoyable experience.


Satin is perfect for both professional detailers and weekend detailing hobbyist alike. Satin is perfect to incorporate into your weekly wash routine. This will help keep your tyres looking perfect and as its water-based it will also nourish your tyres safely. Satin is also perfect for professional detailing bays as it will allow you to build the look of the tyre to suit the vehicle in question. Satin tyre dressing is suited to old vintage vehicles with on single application and can also dress model supercars with two or three applications for a dripping wet look.

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