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Auto Finesse - Spritz Interior Detail Spray (500ml)

Auto Finesse - Spritz Interior Detail Spray (500ml)

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Auto Finesse Spritz is the perfect interior dressing for those times when you simply want to maintain that factory fresh interior finish of a brand new car. For all intensive purposes, Spritz is an 'interior quick detailer', capable of both lightly cleaning and protecting interior plastics and vinyl all in one step. Its easy to use water-based formula is packed with UV-inhibitors to protect against fading, and leaves behind a natural matte finish that is dry to the touch. Spritz is the quickest way to maintain a spotlessly clean interior, and extend our signature Auto Finesse finish to the inside of your car.

Interior detailing is arguably one of the most important stages of detailing, as the cabin of your car is the area you spend the most time in. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked, as it rarely involves making something shiny (Which, let’s face it, is why we all enjoy detailing.). However, this is the stage that truly shows your dedication to the craft, and that is why we at Auto Finesse have devoted so much time to creating our line of interior detailing products. Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Quick Detailer will help you to easily maintain that showroom-fresh look for many years to come.

While the finish and quality of automotive interior materials has increased drastically in recent years, they still need protection to keep them in their original condition. Auto Finesse Spritz is an interior dressing for the 21st century, designed to care for the unique needs of modern ‘soft-touch’ plastics and vinyl. It’s complete with UV-Inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking, anti-static agents to inhibit dust build-up, cleaning agents to remove light interior films, and matte-finish polymers for a fresh OEM look. Spritz excels at protecting your vehicle’s dash, and keeping interior surfaces well detailed.

Like all Auto Finesse car care products, Spritz is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers, but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first time detailers as well. Auto Finesse Spritz is the fastest way to spruce up an interior, and give it a subtle, classy finish. When you’re a professional detailer, time is money, and you need products that give you results without any fuss. These strengths also help the detailing enthusiast, as it frees up more time to follow your passion. Either way, Spritz’s lush vanilla scent, and supreme ease of use make it a true joy to use.


Auto Finesse Spritz is suitable to use on all modern plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. If the interior is heavily soiled, first clean with a mild interior all purpose cleaner like Auto Finesse Total before applying Spritz. For light dust, fingerprints, and mild interior films, Auto Finesse Spritz can be used on its own. Begin by giving the bottle a good shake to integrate the ingredients. Lightly mist a section at a time with Auto Finesse Spritz, and buff to a clean, matte finish using a general purpose Microfiber Towel. Alternately you can spray the product directly onto a Microfiber towel, spread it onto the surface, and then flip the cloth to a dry side to buff off the residue.

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