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LB WORKS Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition FRP (20 Units) (LB34-01)

LB WORKS Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition FRP (20 Units) (LB34-01)


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Price is for full kit components, excludes shipping and fitting.

Enter the exclusive world of Liberty Walk with the LB Works Body Kit.

LB Works

‘Works Fenders’ refer to a traditional aggressive full wide-body Liberty Walk kit. While honoring the original beauty of an exotic vehicle, Liberty Walk take their traditional Japanese custom roots of ‘Works Fenders’ and blend them with modern supercars... The result: Liberty Walk have managed to take epic supercars and take them to the next unique level!

Kit Includes:

Front Bumper Ver2, Front Diffuser Ver3, Front Diffuser Fin, Front Racing Canard, Side Diffuser Ver2, Side Canard, Rear Diffuser Ver.3, Wide Fender, Bonnet/Hood

Pricing excludes shipping and installation

Some individual components are available seperatley please contact us for more information

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